Hey, we get it. No one goes anywhere anymore without their 'electronic brains'. But it's tough to find a case that says what you want it to. That's why we created Moda:ko: mix & matchable totable art. For the life you live.

moda·ko  [moʊda-koʊ]  

1. Children of Fashion: a conflation of the Japanese phonetic realization of the Italian word for fashion, moda, linked to the Japanese word for child, ko. 
2. An accessories line borne of the idea that a constantly carried accessory like an iPad or MacBook should be treated as a fashionable possibility. That function, fashion, and fun need not be mutually exclusive. 
3. Hand-crafted in Canada using premium fashion textiles sourced from across the globe.

We’d love to hear from you! Interested in carrying Moda:ko at your shop? Looking for a stockist? Have a request? Want to send us flowers?

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